Training and Advisory Support to Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group



29 Palms, California: From October 1-20, Chris Gonzalez worked with Development Transformations (Dev Trans) to serve as Stability Advisor and Inter-Agency Representative to the Marine Corps Tactic and Operations Group (MCTOG). During that period, Chris supported Marine students attending the Tactical MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) Integration Course (TMIC).

During the TMIC planning exercise, Chris taught Stability Assessment Framework (SAF), which is a methodology for performing a root-cause analysis that enables students to analyze Operational Culture, Stability/Instability Dynamics, and determine necessary Courses of Action (COA) in the Marine Corps’ Area of Operations (AO); and teach students to integrate these cultural factors and COAs into the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP). While teaching the SAF process, Chris assisted students with developing measures of performance and effectiveness (MOP/MOEs) during stability operations planning.

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