SmartCEO Baltimore Future 50 Award – Chris Gonzalez


A-G is proud to announce that our President, Chris Gonzalez, was recently chosen as the recipient of the 2017 SmartCEO Baltimore Future 50 Award. This award recognizes 50 of the area’s fastest growing companies. Since 2008, A-G has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of our clients and deliver excellent service to the agencies we serve.  A-G’s success as a company can be attributed to the dedication and diverse skill sets exhibited by our staff and consultants. In fact, A-G’s competitive edge is the diversity of the people that we offer.

To A-G, diversity doesn’t just mean ethnically diverse, though we do value that aspect of our employees, but our skill sets and experience that set us apart from others. Within our staff and consultant pool, we have those who are very people-focused who ensure that the front-line employee’s voice is heard and accounted for. We also have marketing and advertising people who are very mindful of effective communications strategies. We have individuals who can facilitate any group of people-even very tough crowds and we have process people who can help revise or implement processes within an organization that accomplish the mission in a smart and efficient way. In terms of experience, we have people that have done this work for the finance industry, non-profits, utilities companies, Fortune 500 companies and foreign governments like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Panama. We have people who have worked at the Pentagon and others who have worked in various parts of the federal government. All that combined helps us to provide our clients a diverse a complete, but realistic, strategy for success.

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