Women in the Workplace: The Importance and Value of Engagement


Since the Women’s March in late January, women’s rights and equality have been put in the forefront.  Sparking debates, protests, and discussions like never before.  This hot topic made us, A-G Associates, want to explore the impact of women in the workplace.

According to Business Insider, the top five jobs that are woman-dominated are nursing, teaching, social work, meeting/event planning, and medical and health services managing.  Other jobs include counseling, human resources, accounting, and veterinarians.  If you’re not leading a company that is woman-dominated, how do you engage your employees?  How do you keep morale high?  Do you know the value of women in your workplace?  If you’re unsure how to answer those questions, it’s OK.

A-G Associates has a knack for getting answers to all those questions, and more, for you.  Employee engagement is vital to a company’s success.  Finding out, and understanding, what drives employees, how to make them content with their roles, how they want to grow, how they want to be appreciated, and most importantly, what they need from you, as their employer and leader, to succeed will help shape a work culture that nourishes growth and promotes achievement.  Take a look at the facts and statistics below.  These statistics are a good starting point in understanding how valuable women are in the workplace can be to a business’ bottom line.

The Importance of Women in the Workplace

  • Gallup is one of many research institutions that link gender diversity in the workplace to improved financial performance.
  • Companies with greater proportions of women in the leadership pipeline are outperforming their competition. (Consciousbusinessblog)
  • Women are more engaged in their work than men. Thirty three percent of women are engaged at work compared to 28% of men.
  • A new International Monetary Fund report looked at 126 countries and determined that if they closed the gender gaps in their labor markets — that is, if they eliminated all barriers to women in the workforce — they would each see a one-time boost in gross domestic product — the monetary value of the goods and services produced within a country. (npr)
  • Gender diversity is a key driver of innovation and performance, factors of particular importance to the tech industry. (Arjuna Capital, Baldwin Brothers Inc.,)

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