A-G President Re-Enlists into Marines

The A-G team at SSgt. Chris Gonzalez's re-enlistment ceremony on 2/21/17

Last Tuesday, Feb. 21, A-G president, Staff sergeant (SSgt.) Chris Gonzalez, had his re-enlistment ceremony at the National Marine Corp Museum.  It was a proud moment for the A-G team watching our leader commit to serving our country.

SSgt. Gonzalez has taken his business experience and brought it into his military life.  During his two deployments, he successfully built relationships and capacity among community leaders as well as served as the trusted community relations liaison.

When it comes to his accomplishments in the military, SSgt. Gonzalez is quite humble, but for those of us who have the honor of working for, and with, him every day, we see the hard work he puts forth into all he does.  We’re proud to say that our (A-G’s) president is contributing to modern history and striving to make our divided nation united. He doesn’t do it for recognition or vanity, he serves this country because he loves it.    

SSgt. Gonzalez, thank you for your service and your selflessness.  Semper Fi, Marine.

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