A-G Vice President to Present at the Local Chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning


We are excited to share that our vice president, Dr. Peg Anthony, will be presenting at the National Capital Area Chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning on Tuesday, March 21, from 6 pm to 8 pm at CrossLead, Inc.  Her strategic planning seminar is titled Turbulence in DC: Thinking Strategically in an Unprecedented Transformation.

Here’s the brief synopsis of Dr. Anthony’s seminar –

President Donald Trump and his team have arrived in Washington with a bold agenda, aimed at changing the direction and reducing the size and scope of the federal government.  Many of the policies are not only drastically different than previous administrations, but are likely to radically transform government at the federal level for decades to come.  Federal managers have always faced the challenge of developing working relationships with a new political team taking the reins of power.  This time, the rhetoric seems more contentious, the anticipated changes potentially more transformational.   

The US is facing an unprecedented set of challenges during the Trump Administration.  Federal agencies — and the career managers working shoulder to shoulder with political appointees — are at the forefront of the potential conflicts ahead.  This session will provide new insights and techniques to think and act more strategically to manage these challenges and the transformational change that is ahead far more productively.  Although this session will focus on the US federal current situation as a case study, the concepts and discussion will be universally applicable to complex business organizations and other governmental entities experiencing whole scale change.

During this session, participants will consider how to apply strategic thinking to the challenges that lie ahead, sorting productive and counterproductive strategies for connecting with the new team, translating direction and decisions for the workforce and to stakeholders, and managing change effectively.

If you’re interested in attending Dr. Anthony’s seminar, the details are below:

WHEN – Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 6 pm – 8 pm

WHERE – CrossLead, Inc., 1445 New York Avenue (first floor), NW, Washington, DC 20005; Metro: McPherson Square (Orange, Blue, Silver lines)

PRICING* – $10.00 Members; $20.00 Non-members

* The above pricing includes a meal and non-alcoholic beverages that the ASP NCA chapter provides to attendees at no additional cost.

Visit our website to learn more about Dr. Anthony, her 40+ years of experience working with the Federal government, and the services A-G offers surrounding change management. www.a-gassociates.com.