A Day of Community Service


Community service has always been an important component of A-G’s mission.  Giving back to the community is one of our priorities.  Over the years, A-G has played an active role in mentoring, donating, and offering support to our local communities in various ways.  Earlier in the school year, A-G assisted the faculty and staff at a local elementary school in preparing their classrooms for the upcoming school year.  The goal was to work with faculty and staff to set up their classrooms as well as provide donations of school supplies for kids and teachers alike.  Everyone certainly appreciated the extra sets of hands and A-G enjoyed helping educators prepare for our future leaders.

A-G is committed to ensuring, through collaborative efforts, that our communities are accomplishing their goals and providing services to their intended audience, no matter who that audience may be.   Please visit our website for more information on A-G’s mission, goals, and services.  http://www.a-gassociates.com/