The Benefits of Hiring a Military Spouse


“While the economy is not in recession, military spouses live in recession,” stated Dr. Adam Jones of the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, while speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Employment Summit in June 2018. As American societal norms have shifted, the military familial culture harkens back to a previous era in which the family could thrive on one paycheck.  No longer able to resist against the tides of change, initiatives to hire military spouses meaningfully have become a priority by the Department of Labor and Department of Defense.  For those potential employers that inquire, ‘why should I hire a military spouse who will move in 2 years anyway?’, these responses are the answers that should catch your attention.

  1. Military spouses are proven team players, able to adapt to any environment and self-disciplined:  
    • According to the United Service Organizations (USO), the military spouse coordinates 8 to 12 moves on average over a 20-year period.  
    • Manage the family’s needs when the service member is on a training or deployment.
    • According to military spouse, 70% volunteer their time versus 27% of their civilian counterparts.  Military spouses volunteer their time and services to provide support, services and events for their families that they would not have otherwise.  Additionally, they volunteer to support their surrounding communities.  
  2. Military spouses represent an educated diverse work force:   
    • According to a study done by Marvin Strategies, LLC. for the USO, 88% of military spouses have college credits, 34% with bachelor’s, 15% with a graduate degree.  
    • Average age is closer to 30, versus the widely held belief of 40 years old (full study).  
    • 45% of the overall total population are from Latino, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American backgrounds. (USO)
  3. Meaningful employment for military spouses is vital to our national defense. As 78% of millennials are in dual-professional relationships versus 47% of current senior leadership, future military members will expect to maintain this lifestyle. If the current situation for military spouses persists, the following is apt to happen:
    • Service members, as a result, must choose between their military career and family.  
    • Service members take their valuable, real-world combat experience with them when they exit the service.  
    • Future conflict resolutions suffer consequently.  

For these reasons, employers should reach out to a military spouse network such as Hiring Our Heroes or the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network. This community supplies employers with potential candidates who possess a wealth of experience and education.  Instead of focusing on the result of the military lifestyle, an uneven career progression, employers should realize that they have a potential hire that manifests initiative, drive and the ability to handle stressful situations.  

For more information regarding the hiring of military spouses, please contact Chris Gonzalez at or check out our website at  Please also check out Hiring Our Heroes’ website at